Futures and Forex

Fast Moving Business World

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, futures and forex trading offer an exciting world of potential profits and endless possibilities.

From hedge fund trading and investment strategies to exploring the nuances of options trading, from delving into the intricacies of forex pairs like USD/CNH and INR/USD, to understanding the dynamics of swap trading and index futures like Nikkei and MSCI China A50 Connect – this is where the action happens.


1) 4 Things To Know About Forex Scams

2) 5 Things To Know About Mini Futures

3) Hedging With Futures Contracts – 5 Things You Must Know 

What is an Options Trader 

5) What is Forex Trading and How Does Forex Trading Work 

6) Hedge Fund Trading and Investment 

7) USD/CNH Forex Pair

8) What is Swap Trading

9) QFI Ticker Symbol and Contract Codes
10) About Southeast Asian Indices

11) SGX Launches Nikkei 225 Climate PAB Futures

12) Nikkei Futures from CME, JPX and SGX

13) CME Launches Monthly and Weekly Friday Options on USD CNH

14) INR and USD FX Pair Contracts

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